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tv   Journal  PBS  June 10, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> you are watching "the journal." >> here are the headlines. a bean sprouts farm is where germrm officials say the deadly e. coli outbreak began. reports of syrian soldiers shooting protesters as they flee to turkey. >> and christine lagarde gets the backing of african nations. >> weow know where the deadly e. co outbreak began in
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germany. the bacteria came from contaiminated bean sprouts from a bean farm in the north of the country. 31 people have died from the new toxic strain. >> this organic farm has ceased production. it may not be the only source of the outbreak but evidence shows the bean sprouts carry e. coli. >> we are relieved of the new findings and how they've been assesed. we hope the new cases will show positive development. >> the rate of new infections is in decline, but 31 have died
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since consuming the bacteria. thousands are sick and many more could follow. >> i cannot give the all clear yet. the numbers are clearly on the decline. this is a good reason for optimism. >> after coming under suspicion, cucumbers are on the menu. the advice not to eat uncooked sporuts routs is in place. >> the russians are breathing easier, lifting the ban on vegetables from the european union. this was after a summit as well as sorting out the spat over vegetables.
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and this is also part of their a bid to join the world trade organization. >> the only vegetables on display are from russia. moscow has banned vegetables from europe. but now the band has been lifted. >> i have called in the partners in the european union to speed up the negotiations so we can join by the end of the year. >> this should help russia to meet their goal of joining the trade body. russia will rume imports once the guarantees are in place. >> we also have negotiations that are further key to the
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successful organization. we believe that russia -- that this is possible this year. >> the more that russia moves to being a modern society which plays by the rules, the stronger of a partner that it will become. >> the repor coming out syria suggest that the regime there is willing to shoot anybody who dares to protest. 22 protesters were reportedly shot on friday, and others are fleeing to escape the military crackdown. this has been described as savagery. -- >> down with asaad is what the protesters are setting in damascus. people also to the streets to
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the north of the country, and their outrage is growing by the day. these images are from the northern regions. the people there refuse to be intimidated. the footage is uploadad to the internet through web sites for the opposition movement. independent reporting is not possible at the moment. in the far northwest, the streets are empty and many of the 50,000 residents have fled. they are afraid that there will be a hard crack down on the civilian populations. more and more people are trying to escape across the border, and they are shocked by what is happening. -- >> he is killing his own people to stay in power and this is sheer cruelty. >> 3000 have found refuge here,
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and more are coming every day. many of them tell about the atrocities carried out by the security forces. >> they opened fire randomly on and about 200 people were killed -- >> the turkish government has called on the president to end the brutality against his own citizens. >> they saw the biggest demonstrations that we have seen since he was wounded in a rocket attack on his compound one week ago. tens of thousands of anti- government protesters kept up the pressure and demanding his immediate replacement. supporters of the president have called for his return, celebrating state media reports, as he is making a
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recovery at a hospital in saudi arabia. nato has resist -- nato has denied claims that government forces have shot down an alliance helicopter. these reports came after a night of aerial bombing in the capital and there is continued fighting in a port city that is held by the rebels, but is surrounded by the government troops. 100 people were killed and wounded during the shelling of the city. robert gates has heavily criticized members of nato for their response to this mission in libya. he is warning that the reliance on u.s. military might is putting the alliance a arisk. >> future u.s. political leaders, those for whom the cold war was not the experience that it was for me, may not consider the return of america's
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investment worth the cost. when i have is a real possibility for a dismal future in the transatlantic alliance. >> that was the u.s. secretary of defense, robert gates. the somali defense minister has died in a bomb attack. there was an explosion in his home and the body of a woman was also found in the house, and it is believed that she was the attacker. another bailout for greece as german lawmakers have approved of the second rescue package amid warnings that greece is on the lake edge of defaulting. the bailout is said to be about more than just helping greece. >> the euro is on the edge and the stability of the common currency is occupying the
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lawmakers. risk -- greece is said to need a second bailout. >> the situation is very serious. >> despite reservations by the european central bank, it is said that private investors should make contributions to a second rescue package. >> thi minimizes the risk of negative reactions on capital markets to make certain that the border -- the burden is shared between taxpayers and private creditors. and this shows up their own losses cannot just be passed on to the taxpayer. >> the opposition party says that this is a sham. >> the banks have sold a large part of their greek debt to the european central bank. the debt restructuring means that the people of europe will have to pay for this.
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the banks have already sold out to the european central bank. >> despite this skepticism there was a resolution showing support for a second bailout. germany will have to show that private investors will have to bring back the euro from the brink. >> the french president is going to be in berlin next friday, nicolas sarkozy. angela merkel will try the them to support their position on the 23rd and 24th of june. >> steve is here to talk about the cheerleading for christine. >> the imf has a two-horse rase between -- race between france and mexico. it is said to be unfortunate if
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the next person running the international monetary fund is from europe. it is becoming obvious that christine lagarde will get the job. >> her last stop was in lisbon, where the chinese development bank was having their annual meeting. she got the backing from africa for her candidacy. however, she does not have the support of india or china, do not want for the top job to go to europe yet again. >> i am not europe's candidate or the candidate from france. i am serving the 187 members of the international monetary fund, so the institution will render the services that they need. >> she may have to face a case about abuse of power from 2007.
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the decision on whether to open a formal investigation has been delayed until july 5, and the international monetary fund will answer by june. this may benefit the only other declared candidate. augustine carstons has a much to stabilize mexico's economy has the finance minister. he gained an insider's look at the washington-based organization. >> hillary clinton says that she has no interest in the presidency of the world bank. there have been reports that she wants the job when it comes up for grabs next year. she has not spoken to anyone about this and she is not in discussions about this. despite the denials from the white house and the state department, three sources familiar with these discussions say that this story is accurate.
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fresh allegations of corruption have caught investors' attention. our markets reporter has more on friday's trading in the general -- trading in the general financial meltdown. >> this is not hurt investors' confidence too much, and the company did some work in the last few years on the way to transparency. they have been down by nearly 2% and this was together with the market in general. there are new worries about greece, and maybe the finance ministers of the european -- they say the debt load of greece will need to be rrganized, and this will mean that the banks also have to pay for this. >> let's look at the market numbers, starting with the blue chips in frankfurt.
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this is 7069, with the euros stocks lower. the euro is at $1.43. general motors is about to regain their title as the largescar maker. there is a warning that profits will be slumping this year, the tissues caused by the tsunami in japan. this will fall by nearly two- thirds, and the march 11 catastrophe disrupted the power supply. toyota says that they will not fully recover until november. the question is, is gegeral motors about to sell their european unit. the latest reports are that a chinese car maker, biac, would like to take over opal.
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they have received an offer from the chinese company. they first showed an interest a couple of years ago when general motors put this up for sale. plans were -- plans were canceled for a sale at the last minute. >> funeral services are being held for a german soldier killed in afghanistan in june. the german defense minister gave his personal condolences, but he also asked for germany's continued commitment to afghanistan, and said that the alliance should not succumb to violence. he was killed in it -- in an attack on his armored personnel carrier. it is widely viewed as the last big test before the tour de
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france. a french cyclist won. there is steve. chchs from team eurocar was seven seconds ahead of chris sorensen. now, for basketball. the dallas mavericks are on the verge of a first title after a 112-103 win over the miami heat. it was pandemonium as they celebrated the play of dirk nowitzki. he had the go-ahead slam dunk to end the game. game six is sunday in miami. stay with me.
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we will have a report on the turkish elections. stay tuned.
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quality first. >> welcome back. turkey goes to the polls on sunday as 50 million people are able to vote. the leaders had their final rallies. the justice and development party is expected to get a comfortable majority. the prime minister is promising major changes. but he says turkey will not veer from the path of more democracy. we have more on what he is offering voters. >> he is the leader of the akp. the prime minister of turkey 8 years.
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he will be confirmed on sunday. supporters point to his economic success for the main reason to keep him in power. his party won a third of the vote in 2002, and the gdp of turkey has tripled. turkh growth is 8 percent, and greece has contracted. inflation has gone from to 8%. his time is a time of stability. he pared back the influence of the military, and kurds have political rights. turkey's influence is growing on thenternational stage. members of his administration are in demand.
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turkey is still talking about joining the e.u. some turks are denied basic rights. hundreds of journalists are asking for the release of the trained colleagues. this is the highest total of any country. >> the outcome will have consequences for the principles guiding the turkish state. the prime minister says that he will introduce a new constitution. there would be more democracy and individual freedom in turkish society. but his opponents said that they are trying to manipulate the law. and there could be a less tolerant turkey.
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>> this is is stempel -- istanbul, where the heart of modern turkey beats. that is why she is so happy here. they go out for a cool beer at a cafefe she is angry about the new law on alcohol. >> the latest is that alcohol companies cannot sponsor music and the best basketball team had to change its name. >> she is feeling more hemmed in. they are motivated by religious conservatism. she is angry at what a local waiter has said. >> it would be better if the
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chairs were off the street. he said, because lovers could sit next to each other. he said, you guessed right. >> the district is 20 kilometers away. everywhere, there are akp flags. this was once -- he also grew up in a poor family. the prime minister is said to be responsible for the improved fortunes. this is just before the akp came into power. with turkey's growth at 8%, it brings prosperity. >> they consume more as well. even without much money, it is
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easier to get a loan for a credit card. >> that is why ahmed supports the akp. the party is the clear favorite. they are hoping for a 2/3rds majority. the supporters say that there is no cause for concern. -- >> a single party government will mean more stability. to the contrary, the more support for the people more steps they can take two more democracy. > she says they wanjt to concentrate power and they are appointing their own people to the key posts.
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>> anybody who is not close to the relgious alliances is unlikely to be a prosecutor. >> there will be special filters for internet users. for some, this is an example of the limitations on freedom of expression. they have rarely seen turkey so polarized. >> turkey has introduced many reforms to become a member of the eu. they have been a candidate since 1999. as we go into the election, and he manages t end the constitution, what effect will
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it have on the membership bid? >> they will have a chance to get the negotiation back on track. the prime minister met the president and promised as long as the pressure was off, if he got into power, they would reactivate these deeply stalled negotiatons, which -- negotiations, which led to frustration in brussels. he must get this back on the agenda. >> what areas do they see progress in thanks to this? >> he has been a force for good. there is progress on the more mundane dossiers. social matters. those basic things.
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civil minorities and there are big[ sticking problems. the role of the military in a civil government. a lot is going rong and going right. >> this is a mixed bag. i will ask you again. how far off is membership? >> only today, croat was told th could join in 2013. the ystarted negotiations when theturkey did. turkey has no hope of being in the eu for 10 years. >> giving us a firm word. jeff, thank you very much. that is our in-depth look at the
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turkish elections. as always, thank you for the company, and have a good weekend, everody. a
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